Privacy policy

Keeping your information safe and secure
We are committed to keeping personal information safe and confidential. If you apply for a product or service we will use your personal data in accordance with the consents that you give us when you apply.

Capturing data
When you're browsing and using this site we often capture data about you. Sometimes we do it directly, sometimes indirectly. Please note that the information given by you will be processed in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 for the purposes of: processing your request providing you with information about services we offer and for auditing usage of the site.

We will not disclose your information to other parties and can assure you that the information given will only be used for internal purposes.

A cookie is an information file that we store on your computer. The cookie records information such as, how often and at what times you visit the website.

Your browser will allow you to disable cookies. However, if you do disable cookies you may find that your use of the site is impaired. If you wish to disable cookies, please follow these steps:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1.  Select Tools
2.  Select Internet Options
3.  Select the Privacy tab and choose Advanced Options button
4.  Check the Override Automatic Cookie Handling tick box
5.  Disable the First Party cookies by choosing the Block option
6.  Disable the Third Party cookies by choosing the Block option
7.  Uncheck the option to 'Always allow session cookies'
8.  Select OK to confirm changes

Site tracking information
We use independent companies to measure and analyse how people use this site. We collate information like the number of pages viewed on the site, the number of visitors and common ways of arriving at or leaving the site. Doing this enables us to keep our content and navigation fresh and useful.

This generic, non-personal information is collated using cookies. We do not and will not link any information collected with any personal information collected about you on the website.

This website is committed to improving the service and information we are able to provide our users. We are therefore continually seeking ways of improving and upgrading the website. With this in mind, we reserve the right to change the way this site operates and how we process information. However, we will continue to respect the privacy and preferences of all users.

Making contact with us in relation to the use of Your Personal Data
If you wish to make contact with us in relation to the use of Your Personal Data, please go to the Contact Us pages of the website or telephone us on 0141 572 4000.