About Argyle

We’re independent financial advisers who help our clients – individuals, companies, trustees and charities throughout the UK – to plan for the future of themselves, their families and their organisations.

And we do it through building solid, respectful relationships where advice, rather than selling, is key.

In the years since we opened our doors in 1997, we’ve become trusted advisers to many of our private clients. We've also become an integral part of the team for many of our corporate clients.

We’ve thrived through growth and recession because we’re careful and considered. It’s an approach that comes naturally to an organisation that collectively has more than two centuries of experience.

We’re proud to be able to say we look after over £1 billion of client investments, that we rank in the top 50 advisory firms in the UK*, and that we’re listed as one of the top five independent advisory firms in Scotland.

If you’d like to meet us, we’d be delighted to welcome you to our offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

*Source: 2020 Financial Times / Strategic Insight

Meeting a new client for the first time is always interesting. Finding out about their job, their business, their field of expertise and their plans is really enjoyable.

We take the time to find out what’s important to you – and let you ask all the questions you need to find out about us.

A proper and thorough job

At Argyle, we believe it’s more important that our clients know us, and that we know them. It’s what gives you the confidence we’re doing a thorough job. And it lets us give you advice that’s right for you, your family or your business.

We’re Chartered Financial Planners – and we’re the right size to have a real team approach. We work together to give you the advice that really makes a difference.


Holistic, personal advice . . .

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We’re naturally sceptical – and that comes out of experience. New products come to market all the time and we don’t just accept that they’ll do what they say they’ll do.

Paul Ward, Investment Director

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