Corporate clients

We’re always eager to meet new business people. Speaking to like-minded professionals is hugely rewarding and we share ideas and experiences with real enthusiasm.

Because while we’re experts in corporate financial advice, we’re business people too. And that means we understand. We understand the ambitions, the concerns and the risks of business life.

Which isn’t to say we have preconceived ideas about what yours may be. That’s part of the joy of working here – we get to meet so many inspirational people, and they all have their own take on business, and their own individual needs.

So our job is to listen, to find out about your organisation and the stage it’s at. To really get under the skin of how it operates and where we might be able to add value.

At the centre of your relationship with Argyle is your personal adviser. They’ll examine and assess all your existing arrangements and, based on your needs, they’ll appoint a team of Argyle specialists to create a strategy for your organisation.



Our advice will be completely tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. We have in-house specialist administrative departments for trusts*, pension drawdown, corporate and employee benefits – so you can be sure of a well-rounded approach.

Your adviser will provide you with a report of recommendations. Together you'll agree the most appropriate route for your business and we'll begin to put it into action.

* Trust planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

A part of your team

We’ll work alongside your existing advisers, such as solicitors and accountants to make sure your financial planning is integrated seamlessly into the fabric of your business.

Throughout your organisation’s relationship with Argyle, your adviser will become a part of your team. They will be in touch regularly and will take a thorough approach to knowing your business, its direction and aims.

Generally, all of the advice we give is included in our overall fees – so you know you can call on us whenever you need.



It’s not unusual for the business people we work with to have complex financial requirements in their personal lives. We create personal financial planning strategies for many of our corporate clients, covering investment, inheritance tax planning and retirement. 


Holistic, personal advice . . .

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At Argyle we know that employees perform to the best of their abilities if they feel valued and looked after in their workplace.

Matt Smith, Director, Employee Benefits

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