Investment Approach

We take the time to understand new “opportunities”. We thoroughly research the detail of every investment or product we recommend to our clients.

Our independence gives us the freedom to choose from any fund or investment manager in the market. This flexibility allows us to respond to changing economic circumstances – and that, ultimately, helps us to secure the best returns.

Spreading the risk

We take a balanced approach, building portfolios that contain different asset classes to manage volatility and spread investment risk.

However, no one size fits all. Our advice is always tailored to each of our clients’ needs and is based on a deep understanding of their objectives and attitude to risk.

For some clients, collective investments like Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts work well. For others, the solution may include passive funds.

Actively monitoring your investments
We keep a watchful eye on your investments. We closely monitor funds and schedule regular meetings with the fund managers. We also stay up to date with the views and insights of leading investment experts, publications and commentators.

This means that we know when things are changing, and - with your agreement - can adjust your portfolio if needed.

Our own Investment Committee meets monthly to decide if we need to make strategic changes to the portfolios we manage, based on these and many other factors.


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We’re naturally sceptical – and that comes out of experience. New products come to market all the time and we don’t just accept that they’ll do what they say they’ll do.

Paul Ward, Investment Director

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